About SeattleTaiko.info

SeattleTaiko.info was born out of a desire to stop missing local taiko performances. I noticed a disturbing trend where I was finding out about taiko performances after they had taken place! Obviously, that just would not do. I checked around and noticed a few resources for such information, but they're all sadly out of date or very incomplete. So, see a need, fill a need.

If you know of a local taiko performance I don't have on the schedule, please let me know!

By 'local,' I mean in the greater Seattle area, or within fairly easy driving distance - as far south as Portland (or perhaps farther for larger events), and as far north as Vancouver, B.C. Sadly, I've currently got nothing listed for Vancouver at all. As far as going east, I guess anything in the state of Washington will suffice for now. I'd rather have too many performances listed than too few!

If there's a really huge taiko event, it may not matter where it's at - something like each North American Taiko Conference will probably always get listed here, wherever it's at. It's always good to travel!