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Bodyrock λίπος καίγονται ημέρα πρόκληση 5. BodyRock Elevate - Day 21 - Full Body HIIT. Posted in Bodyrock. Get ready to pour everything you got into a Tabata style back and chest workout! What' s holding you back? BodyRock Elevate – Day 5 – Legs & Abs.

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Welcome to BodyRock Elevate. These are short sharp workout guaranteed to build lean muscle and burn fat fast.

It' s ab and leg day! Get In The Best Shape of Your Life At Home Over 1000 Workouts, from Beginner to Advanced Athlete. Start Free Trial.

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99 a month after 30- day free. Hi BodyRockers, Today its all about the BOOM!

How will you tackle today workout? Advanced BodyRockers - Maybe you will Max this week out and HIIT every.

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BodyRock Elevate – Day 11 – Full Body. It' s another full body workout including.
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